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In Poetry on February 28, 2011 at 10:29 pm

i don’t think you’d understand.
i want to come clean but i only can to one.
i want to put the bottle to my lips
and take a big drink.

i want to take shots
one after the other to drown myself.
this guilt is almost killing me.
i don’t want to hurt, i just want to have fun.

get me some ice,
but keep me warm with your heat.
hold me tight
almost suffocating me
but i like it.
i like you.

i want the thrill of speeding.
windows down,
air slipping through my fingers as i reach forward.

i want the chills of these drinks
slipping through my lips and down my throat.
get me high, bring me down,
get me through this.

i’m misunderstanding the words we’ve spoken so many times before
i’m forgetting the rules and regulations
i’m starting to open up,
and i know that nothing’s wrong with me.

put your hands on my waist,
let me kiss your lips.
grab my wrist and spin me on the dance floor,
take me away on vacation.
your favorite spot, malibu.


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